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        About Us

        Email master@chinesetalc.com
        Tel 400-015-0412

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        Liaoning Jinghua New Material Inc.(formerly Haicheng Jinghua 
        Mineral Products Co., Ltd.)was established in 1997. It is 
        located in Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, which is 
        famous for its vast reserves of superior grade talc ore and magnesite.

        Below is our products range
        ●Mineral product processing, which include: Talc powder, Calcium carbonate, Wollastonite, Brucite and Flame Retardant
        ●Masterbatch, which include: Talc pellets, PP high fillingfunctional master batch, PE highfilling masterbatch. 
        ●Wood Plastic Composite, which include: WPC decking, WPC rail & fence, WPC wall panel and Accessories.

        The processing factories have an annual output of 100000 tons of various mineral products,10000 tons of masterbatch and 10000 tons of WPC products. Our management skills, ownership of our own talc mines and continuous technology innovation can allow us to provide our customers with reasonable price, quick response, reliable quality and rapid development of new products. We are also aware of the target market specifications and requirements for safety, health, environmental protection, 
        consumer preferences and many more. 

        JINGHUA – A Reliable Name That You Can Trust!